​Instagram for Business 2.0: Grow a Community that Converts

What You Don't Know, Is Costing You a Fortune! Here's the Secret to Growing an Instagram Audience That Buys!

The Instagram for Business 2.0 ecourse will be changing in 2019 and moving to smaller individual courses, rather than one course that contains my marketing brain downloaded.

The September two-week enrolment period (opening on Tuesday 4th) is your last chance to access the course in its current format and at its current price. You will however still have a guaranteed 12-months access to the course from checkout, even though the course will no longer be on sale.

You've read every "tip", " trick" and "growth-hack" blog post, you've attended what feels like a billion webinars, downloaded every ebook available and even paid for one, or two courses but still, no one is buying.

You're hashtagging every post like crazy but yet still nothing, engagement is weak, and lets not even talk about sales.

Quite frankly, you're getting pretty fed-up of Instagram! It seems to cost you more in time than you see in revenue and you're losing interest with it.

What if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

How would you feel about spending just a couple of days a month planning out your content for the next quarter - yup the next three months, that's ninety days of content sorted in just a couple of days per month!

Imagine a future where you can log into your Instagram just to post, check in with your audience, reply to questions - and not just to sit and watch the tumbleweed?

Picture your web traffic coming from Instagram and featured lines selling-out.

Envisage a brand talked about by influencers and your customers - people that help grow your audience and market your product for you!

How would you like a spreadsheet of 101 Caption Prompts and 58 Ideas for Instagram Stories so you never have that dreaded cursor blinking away at you as you frantically try to come up with something witty for your caption (but it almost always ends up being a description of the product and the price)?

The dream, right?

"Sam's e-course has been totally game changing for my business.
I had been doing it all wrong - who knew - there is actually a strategy to social media and it isn't use pretty pictures!
The e-course was broken down into small bite size chunks of info which is easy to digest but the winning formula for me was the audible option which allowed me to cook/tidy/organise my baby whilst also feeling motivated as I was learning at the same time!
The information is real, relevant and humanised with Sam at the other end offering many channels of support. I have been and will continue to recommend Sam's e-course to my creative pals. This is by far an essential course for any small business on social media."

- Niccy, Business Owner, Type and Story

I am here to help you because I've been in your shoes.

Yep really! I thought this small business self-promo thing would be straightforward; I'd managed and grown a community of over 4 million for a leading retailer - how hard could it be to start from scratch? Teenagers do it all the time and gather themselves followings in the hundreds of thousands. Even my dog has over 7,000 followers.

So, I left my role managing the social channels for a Global retailer with the sole intention of helping creators, makers and indie shopkeepers - just like you, except it didn't entirely go to plan.

I set up my business Instagram and all my social channels and thought it would be easy-peasy to grow and to convert; looking back now, my business plan was crazy ambitious - and incredibly naive.

Nine months in and I was still on 300 followers, and I wasn't attracting the right people, people like you, I was attracting corporate types who wanted me to manage their LinkedIn page... err, no thanks. By twelve months I'd applied some tactics I'd learnt from the influencer market and had hit 500 followers, my engagement was brilliant and I was making Instagram friends.. but still, my target audience wasn't buying!

That's when I flipped the switch and turned everything I'd learnt on Pinterest about growing an Instagram following on its head and started applying my marketing knowledge - the stuff that got customers into our boutiques and influencers wanting to work with us, the stuff that made the business money. I stopped focussing on how many followers I had and stopped worrying about what filter to use on my photos. It was time to make my Instagram less about me and more about my customers by adding value and sharing my unique voice. The only way that could shine was through my captions and (the newly introduced) Stories.

Within a few short weeks, things started to pick up, and I haven't looked back. 2017 has been a tremendous year for me, as of now I am booking clients for up to three months in advance, AND I'm being found and approached by leading events and trade shows for partnerships - all through Instagram! Oh, and my following has grown by 1000% and my audience is made up almost entirely of my target customer, who subscribe to my newsletter (65% open rate!), listen to my podcast and buy my products and my services.

And now I am sharing my knowledge in an ecourse unlike any other, so I ask you, are you ready to learn the secret to growing a community that converts?

Guess what?

You don't need another Instagram course - you need to learn how to sell your products and how to market your brand and ultimately that's what I am going to teach you; because 1 in 3 UK small businesses have built their business on Instagram * and you're going to be that one in three, not the other two who are posting product photos and praying they convert (they won't).

What Will I Learn?

Firstly, there are lots of printouts and help sheets along the way as well as useful spreadsheets and calculators that you can use daily beyond the course. Secondly, the curriculum content is written with examples featuring my fictional pet lifestyle business "Mutts & Moggies", to help you relate the questions back to your brand and more efficiently fill in the blanks. Hurrah!

Each module has a downloadable audio file - like a mini podcast so you can learn on the go.. or in the bath.. or on your dog walk.. or in the car... wherever you fancy really.

The fundamental lessons in this course is how to sell, how to position yourself as a desirable brand, with a must-have product, how to be visible as a small business owner and grow that all-important know, like, trust - because people, buy from people.


We will cover off the visual side of Instagram - because at the end of the day it's a visual platform and it's imperative that your Instagram looks the part. BUT if you're already 100% sure your feed looks the part - then you can skim read this section, but don't skip it because I guarantee there are some gems in here you won't have heard elsewhere.

Brand Voice & Product Positioning

The rest of the course is about digging deep into your brand and understanding who your customer is and what it is you sell beyond the obvious - how does your product fit into your customer's life and how best to speak to your customer and most importantly BE HEARD through the magic of captions! Unlike most Instagram courses on the market, I focus on captions rather than images!

90-Days to overhaul your marketing

Next, we'll be looking at how to turn your window-shoppers into VIP shoppers in just 90 days!

We'll be talking about why "Content is King" and how to "Connect, Compel and Convert" your audience.

I'll also be sharing my secret Social Media Manager tips to maximise your output and minimise the time you spend in the app as well as my experience from working with Influencers in Digital PR for a Global retailer, and share my top tips on choosing and approaching influencers.

Finally, I have made available for students of this course, something usually only provided to my 1:1 clients to get those creative juices flowing and so you're never stuck wondering what to share:

- 101 Captions Prompts, Calls to Action and Lead Magnet Ideas

- 58 Instagram Stories + Live Ideas

"I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam. I completed the Instagram course and it's changed my brand. I'm often critical, but it's increased my engagement 10 folds increased followers with a bonus of sales. This weekend I was featured by Etsy."

- @copperdust

"I wanted to celebrate a bit of a win today and give a shout out to @socialmouthsam because I did her Instagram success course and it has been amazingly helpful in getting my head around what to post and when. It has vast quantities of super valuable info in it, and it's all really easy to follow. So if you're struggling with what to post, how often and how to keep it straight (and mix it up every now and again) then Sam is the person to follow. Thank so much, Sam!"

- @seriousstamp

This course is not open for enrollment.

Your Instructor

Sam Burgess @samburgessuk
Sam Burgess @samburgessuk

Hi! I'm Sam and I am a UK leading content marketing and social media expert, podcaster, speaker and cheerleader for small creative businesses.

With four years experience just in social media marketing and 15 years retail-specific experience, I know what makes customers buy and how big brands sell. Having worked for Global retail brands, (Arcadia Group, Swarovski) as well as consulting with more than 50 small businesses, I have been able to refine my marketing methodologies to benefit independent creators, makers and shopkeepers worldwide.

In addition to 1:1 consulting, I host an iTunes top 40 business podcast "Small and Mighty" interviewing small business owners and leading experts on how they use social media to better their business.

I am also a regular speaker and guest workshop host at some of the UK and Europe's largest trade shows, in 2018 I will be speaking about building a profitable Instagram community at PURE London, MODA Exhibitions, PULSE London, and Top Drawer (Click here for upcoming appearances).

Learn more about me and what I do here.

"After years of using Instagram to post random photos from my life - which almost no one cared to follow - I took Instagram for Business 2.0 to help with the launch of a new online business. The learning curve has been steep, as my eyes have been opened not just to using social media as an effective tool for promotion, but I've also developed a better understanding of PR in general. Sam is a fab instructor, easy to reach out to, supportive and full of great advice.

Thanks for all you do, Sam!"

- Lori-Anne, Business Owner (eCourse Student)

“Sam helped when I was feeling really rather lost with my Instagram strategy. {Through a one-hour Skype Call}| she was able to get me back on track and her insights generated results: my account is growing again, I’m achieving my goals and I’m feeling the love for the platform once more. I particularly like Sam’s no nonsense, down to earth approach which is so refreshing. I have no hesitation in recommending Social Mouth to other businesses wanting to get results for their business on Instagram”

-Georgie, Business Owner (Insta-Clinic 1:1 Client)

"...Since working with Sam, I have noticed a huge difference in the way I am thinking. My Instagram looks more professional and cohesive and the followers I have attracted are genuinely interested in what I’m showing! Sam’s knowledge is really extensive and I’m so glad I found her when I did!"

- Elizabeth, Business Owner (workshop attendee and e-course student)

Who is this course for?

  • Creative, pioneering and forward-thinking small (and mighty) product based businesses, this includes creators, makers and independent shopkeepers
  • Businesses where the founder is the beating heart of their business, both behind the scenes and, (prepared to be) quite literally, in front of the camera
  • Passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic business owners who want to be brilliant at social media marketing
  • Indies who are confident in their business model and branding and just need direction and support marketing themselves

"...As soon as I started working with Sam, I saw a tangible increase in the number of sales I made directly through Instagram. Sam’s knowledge of retail and selling is a great asset, and her ability to personalise her advice to your specific needs is invaluable. She is 100% focused on sales and profit and for a shop owner like me she's a breath of fresh air..."

- Annabel B, Business Owner (1;1 client & e-course student)

".. In two weeks not only have my likes and followers soared (not a necessity but it’s kinda cool) but I have generated real business. People who I would not really have come into contact with are now registering with me as clients. Happy Days!..."

- Lisa B, Business Owner (1;1 client)

In December 2017 Instagram hosted an "Insta Economy" event where they shared some interesting facts about businesses on Instagram in the UK.

Did you know..

  • There are 800 million global Instagram users.
  • 25 million Instagram Business accounts.
  • 2 million advertisers on Instagram
  • 200 million daily active instagramers visiting at least one business profile every day.
  • UK has 23 million Instagram users
  • 1 in 3 UK small businesses have built their business on Instagram
  • More than half of small/medium businesses in the UK using Instagram see the tool as a means to grow their business
  • 1 in 4 people discover and buy products they find on Instagram.
  • 80% of Instagram’s global community follow a brand
  • 45% of UK small and medium sized businesses have hired employees as a result of growth in demand since joining Instagram.
  • 51% of UK small businesses say Instagram is a way for them to connect with customers in other countries.
  • Young entrepreneurs aged under 35 years are seeing some of the greatest and potential on Instagram. 61% plan to maintain and grow their investment on Instagram going forward.
  • Projections for 2017 indicate that Instagram will contribute an increase in Gross Value added of 1.235 billion to the UK economy.
  • By 2022, Instagram is expected to increase their Gross Value Added contribution to £6.776 billion.

Now is the time to start making your time on Instagram work for you; it is time to take the app seriously as a marketing tool that can propel your business to dizzying heights.

This course is not open for enrollment.

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  2. Set Up For Success
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3. Your "Magazine"
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5. Defining your Target Demographic
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS MODULE ii: Brand Ambassadors
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS MODULE iii: Competitions
Available in days
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  The Finishing Line!
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Immediately! It is an entirely self-paced online course - you have twelve months to complete the course from the date of enrolment. There will be four intakes per year January, April, July and September and each enrolment period will last two weeks before the doors close; regardless of how many sign-ups there are.
How long do I have access to the course?
Twelve months from the date of enrolment. This isn't to be mean - it's to push you to start now and make you do the course!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would genuinely be devastated if you were unhappy because I have poured my heart and soul into this and am so proud of my methodologies that I have worked so hard to refine. BUT If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me within the first 14-days so that I can make things right. If you would prefer a refund, then you are eligible within 14-days of purchase providing you have not downloaded any worksheets or audio files.
Do I need any special equipment?
You need a computer, a printer and a smartphone - and you need to know how to use all three.
Is this course Instagram for dummies?
No! Absolutely not, in fact, if you're brand new to Instagram and haven't a clue how to use it; this course isn't for you. Drop me an email [email protected], and I can help advise you as to where to brush up before starting on this course.
Is there an exclusive student only Facebook Group or Forum?
In short, no. I've tried Facebook Groups before but to be honest, my clients are busy business owners that don't have time to chit-chat on Facebook - YOU are a busy business owner! If you are UK based, you are more than welcome to join my lively "Small and Mighty" Facebook community filled with amazing UK based entrepreneurs all sharing advice, highs, lows and challenges. Everyone has a keen interest in Social Media Marketing - especially Instagram and this will 100% itch that desire to make business buddies. There's a link to the group on your welcome email - so feel free to come on over and say hi! Alternatively, you can connect with other students and businesses in my network on Instagram using the hashtag #smallandmightybusiness.
Having read through this; I'd quite like to work with you one-to-one!
Well, that's very exciting and I'd be delighted to discuss this with you. Head over to http://socialmouth.co.uk and you can read about who I work with and the ways in which I work. There's a contact form on the website so so reach out to me through that and we'll set up a time to Skype.
Will this course teach me how to become an influencer?
No it won't. This course is for small businesses and business owners who want to learn how to write copy and structure their marketing strategy to sell - all centered around using Instagram.
I recently completed an Instagram course which taught me how to take better photos and how to use filters; why should I do your course?
That's great to hear that you're keen on investing in your business and have even taken a course already. This course covers very little on photography and editing skills and is much more focused on marketing - writing copy, finding your consumer and creating content that assists the sale and converts the user; It should compliment what you've already learnt around aesthetics. Word to the wise though, be careful using filters on your product images as you don't want to distort the colour and mislead the consumer.
I am a service-based business, can I do your course?
I don't recommend the course for service businesses, as it has been written specifically for the product based business.
How much work is it? I'm reallllly busy!
I get that, but I'm not going to lie; marketing your business is work - but it's also important to do if you want a business. If you don't market your business, then nobody will know about it, and soon you won't have a business at all. The course is work initially but once you've downloaded everything and start using it to plan; you'll find that it either replaces the time you currently spend marketing or takes up very little time - BUT it will be more efficient. I don't have a magic wand; I have a strategy to share with you that you need to apply to your own business.
I've been on one of your workshops - does the course cover the same content?
In a word, no. In my "How to Build Your Brand on Instagram" group workshops we cover some of the content but we only scratch the surface. We also talk more about aesthetics and profiling on the workshop, which is only the first few lectures of this course. We don't even cover copy or how to position your products online; the ecourse and workshop compliment each other, and I have had several students attend the workshop and do the ecourse simultaneously.
I've worked with you as a one-to-one client, do I need to do this course as well?
You shouldn't need to, no, as we will have covered what we needed to and if we didn't cover it all, we would have set up following dates. It is probably best that you drop me an email to discuss.

This course is not open for enrollment.