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  Hello & Welcome

Welcome to the new and improved Instagram for Business: Converting Your Community.

I am so excited to launch this new and improved version of I4B, with even more strategic advice to get that till ringing! In 2017, I worked with 27 one-to-one clients, each with their own unique brand, voice and conversion issues. I've even had clients that have come to me for a recovery process after having been shadowbanned*. I was also shadowbanned for four-weeks myself when a colossal glitch cost millions of users to be locked out their Instagram accounts. All these learnings over the last twelve months have meant I have been able to rework and refine my methodologies to help business owners, just like you, get the most from your marketing efforts.

Although this course is about Instagram, it's a lot more than just that - the same as what I teach with my one-to-one clients, this is about knowing how to sell, how to ask the customer to come on over to your website or visit your store and make a purchase but gently, and with intention. More than ever consumers are "consuming consciously" and caring about where and with whom they spend their hard earned money. Independents are in a unique position where consumers want to spend with them and want to get to know you and be a part of your brand. Never has the been a time to shine like now!

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but it's also a community with pockets of users with like-minded interests that you can tap into. As of 2017, there are more than 800 million Instagram users, with new users signing up every single day. 250 million users are using Instagram Stories daily; which is less than half and an opportunity for you as a brand to be leading the way and speaking to even more potential customers. There's a whole audience out there, just dying to learn about your brand and buy your products. Instagram users are the most affluent of any social media platform and although they aren't on the app with shopping as their priority, they are there to be inspired, and that's where your brand comes in!

Did you know?

  • 50% of Instagram users follow at least one brand (source)
  • Instagram vs. Facebook, both have their purpose but according to source, Facebook is where we go to spend time with our friends and family, users say that "Facebook offers more exposure to bold new ideas and unexpected ways of thinking" Whilst Instagram users "like the platform for its capacity to connect them with friends, family and celebrities, they’re just as likely to use it for fashion and beauty cues, interior design inspiration and cool do-it-yourself project ideas" Perfect for your product or boutique then!
  • Direct email marketing outperforms social media marketing in terms of conversions, but social media marketing can help you create better emails in order to snag that sale by helping you really understand what your customer wants. (source and source)

Because Instagram is so visual, I have included a module on how to define your aesthetic, but I haven't gone into great detail on photography and editing skills because there are millions of free resources available to teach you. I have included links to free resources available to you by talented photographers and Instagram influencers that you can review and apply to your photography at the end of the course.

Before you get to the good stuff, do come and connect with me on Instagram @samburgessuk and use the tag #smallandmightybusiness to connect with other students and small businesses within my network.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram DM. I check them daily and I am always happy to help!

Now, I think that's enough of an introduction - let's get learning!